1968 Holding founded
1993 foundation of the Import / Export trading company in Bremen and building up a worldwide acting representation network focusing on the expanding markets in Asia and South America for the supply of the heavy industries with industrial spare parts of German and Western European makers
1995 building up a distribution network in Southern Europe mainly in Spain and Portugal
1997 Take over of the representation of a well established roll manufacturer for the steel industry and movement to new rented office and warehouse facilities in 28197 Bremen, Ladestrasse 3-3A
1999 Take over of the representation of a well known German Pyrometer manufacturer for the Korean market and build up a local network with a Korean partner for the supply of pyrometer to the Korean steel industry


Strengthening of the position in the Asian market by a strong support in overcoming the IMF crisis
2001 Movement to owned new bigger office and warehouse facilities in Bremen Überseestadt 28217 Bremen, Baumstrasse 54
2002 Extremely high expansion due to a good development of turnover in Asia
2003 Take over of the representation of a German valve manufacturer for the Spanish market
2004 Enlargement of the office facilities at Bremen Überseestadt